The Healing Bath

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Bath Salts

Everyone can benefit by bathing in Dead Sea Bath Salts. Salts from the Dead Sea contain 21 minerals that are essential to the body. This unique combination of minerals is only found at the Dead Sea. Mineral analysis of Dead Sea Bath Salts shows a concentration of 32% Magnesium Chloride and 25% Potassium Chloride with only 4% Sodium Chloride. This unique combination of minerals helps moisturize and heal the skin. You only need ¼ cup of salts in a standard tub to the overflow drain and 20-minute soaks to realize their positive benefits. Clinical studies have been done in Israel and elsewhere that show the effectiveness of bathing in Dead Sea Bath Salts. The Healing Bath’s™ Dead Sea Bath Salts are 100% pure Dead Sea Salts. Available in Fragrance Free or scented with a variety of essential oils.

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