Amethyst Biomat

The Amethyst Biomat is an FDA registered healing and heating pad with a luxurious temperature feature. It uses cutting-edge Far Infrared Light and Negative Ion technology to soothe pain, reduce stress, and improve wellbeing.

The Biomat is an amazing compliment to all reflexology and energy work and it typically used in all sessions. Please feel free to inquire if it is being used during your session.

The Amethyst Biomat is an FDA registered healing and heating pad with a luxurious temperature feature. It uses cutting-edge Far Infrared Light and Negative Ion technology to soothe pain, reduce stress, and improve wellbeing.

What is a Biomat and what are Biomats used for?

Biomats are perfect for people looking to improve their wellness, sleep or body pain. Over the last 20 years the Biomat has been the leading therapeutic grade far-infrared mat highly regarded by health care professionals, fitness coaches and wellness advocates worldwide.

With the Biomat, you can experience a better life, sleep and reduce body pain.

They can provide a wealth of physical and holistic benefits, including:

o Pain relief

o Reducing joint pain and stiffness in muscles

o Temporary relief of sprains and strains

o Improve blood circulation

o Reduce inflammation

o Strengthen cardiovascular system

o Increase restful sleep

o Reduce stress levels in the body

o Boost energy and vitality

o Improve mobility

What does a Biomat do?

Biomats are an FDA registered over-the-counter medical tool, so they deliver relief to the user. They have 17 layers of quantum technology.

Amethyst, known to be a protective crystal, is worked into the body of the Biomat itself and aids in the heating and healing processes, amplifying the Biomat’s effectiveness.

What does the Biomat feel like?

The Biomat is incredibly comfortable and soothing to lay on. It is firm, yet soft, providing an ideal sleeping location.

Unlike heated blankets or other heating pads, it does not only heat the skin. Products that heat by direct contact can be uncomfortably warm, without providing the necessary bodily benefits that deeper heating provides.

Biomats use infrared technology as well as oscillating AC and DC computer frequencies to heat the body from the inside out, creating a warm, comforting sensation safe enough to sleep on all night.

What are the benefits of the Biomat?

The Biomat has an incredible number of health benefits, both directly physical and also in the inner workings of your body’s mechanisms.

Most directly, Far Infrared technology relieves the pain and stress of the entire body by expanding your smaller blood vessels and capillaries, which increases circulation and reduces inflammation.

Oxygen can more easily flow to each extremity and organ, which allows for greater healing, better gut health, and reduced pain.

Far Infrared Rays penetrate muscles deep into the very smallest molecules.

Not only that, but the Biomat’s use of Far Infrared Ray technology helps in removing toxins from the body.

How does the Biomat work?

The Biomat is a product of modern technology with proven efficacy created by highly skilled scientists and engineers.

The Far Infrared Rays work wonders vs an ordinary heating pad because they penetrate the body at a deeper level.

The Biomat itself has 17 layers that consist of comfort materials like cotton, as well as the heating and healing layers. Nano copper fabric, a layer of Amethyst, and a TOCA layer for Negative Ions work wonders to relax and heal your body.

The Biomat even includes a Quantum Energy layer of peach and grape seeds. The Biomat comes with a soft touch power switch and sophisticated temperature/timer control system.

Does the Biomat have side effects?

The FDA registered Biomat has undergone numerous tests to determine that no, the Biomat does not have any side effects.

The Far Infrared Rays and Negative Ions work safely in tandem with Amethyst to provide gentle warming and healing.

What exactly is Negative Ion technology?

Have you ever experienced feeling calmer after walking in nature near a waterfall or hearing the waves of the ocean? Well, there’s a science to that, and it’s all thanks to negative ions.

Negative Ion Technology is an incredible tool to help relieve pain and balance your energy and mood. Negative Ions also help with boosting our energy and can have a positive effect on your health when exposed to them.

With the Biomat, you can experience the benefits of Negative Ion Technology combined with Far Infrared Rays that help you achieve wellness and relaxation.

What are Negative Ions?

Negative Ions are those that are created by the gain of an electron. They occur as sunlight breaks apart molecules, and are often accompanied by incredible feelings of happiness or euphoria such as those found in the natural settings of grand oceans and mountains.

Negative Ions exist in nature, and they can come directly from ultraviolet rays from the sun, discharges of electricity, with water collisions or plants.

The Kurera Super Fiber layer of the Biomat interacts with the DC energy created by the Far Infrared Rays. In this interference, the energy currents are filtered through and transform all positive ions to negative, infusing the air with Negative Ions.

That’s why the Negative Ion Technology that comes with any Biomat product can do wonders for feeling good and shifting your energy and you can experience relaxation from the comfort of your home.

Although, if you have the time, we do encourage that actual nature walk or hike for maximizing your results!

What are the health benefits of Negative Ion technology?

o Increases levels of the mood chemical “serotonin”

o Relieves stress

o Boosts energy

o Releases tension

o Calms the nervous system

Do Negative Ions actually work?

Exposure to Negative Ions can relax the nervous system, charge the immune system, relieve pain in the body and work as an antioxidant. Many researches of Negative Ion technology have said that exposure to Negative Ions can have positive effects.

Therefore, the full potential of any Biomat product is achieved when Far Infrared Rays, Amethyst Crystal, and Negative Ion technology come together in the Biomat’s 17 specialized layers.

Are Negative Ions good for you?

In short, yes! Like we’ve explained earlier, exposure to Negative Ions has many positive health effects and it is a great way to relieve stress and relax your body. Even high levels of exposure can reduce depression symptoms for some people.

You can also benefit from Negative Ions spending time in nature, near a waterfall or the ocean for example. Exposure to these molecules floating in the air in a natural environment can also boost your wellbeing and energy throughout the day.

Boost your mood at home using Negative Ion Technology through Biomat products.

Give your body the attention it deserves for reducing stress levels and pursuing a balanced healthy lifestyle. Life can often come with ups and downs, which is why taking care of yourself and setting aside some alone time for relaxation can help you achieve wellness at home and reduce stress levels.

Remember that a holistic lifestyle starts with changing your habits, going outdoors more often, exercising, eating well and building a healthy routine that makes you feel better. To enhance your wellbeing, try our products and add them to your routine!

The Biomat is a safe, effective, FDA registered product. It combines all the needed technologies into one relaxing, comfortable treatment.

Explore our products and see for yourself.

3 Powerful Amethyst Healing Benefits

Amethyst has long been used as a natural healing crystal.

The known powers of Amethyst for healing go back centuries. The stone concentrates healing energy, radiates calm, and protects from physical and mental maladies. Not only that, but Amethyst is also a known conductor and creator of natural Far Infrared Rays, which have many notable health benefits.

Far Infrared Rays are a natural part of the electro-magnetic light spectrum and are close to sunlight, but do not contain harmful UV/UVB rays. Amethyst, when used in conjunction with technologies and therapies like Far Infrared Ray therapy, Heat therapy, and Negative Ion therapy, can concentrate and amplify the healing powers needed to wash away pain and discomfort from the body.

What is Amethyst used for?

Amethyst is used primarily for health and protection. It can be worn as jewelry to keep on your person, or is also commonly placed under one’s pillow in order to protect and infuse healing energy all night.

It has also been used to relieve stress and a natural protective stone. It is also known to help control mood swings and anxiety.

Other uses are also common. For instance, the Amethyst Biomat contains a layer of Amethyst, which can be used to concentrate and create Far Infrared Rays in combination with soothing heat therapy overnight.

Is Amethyst a crystal or a stone?

Amethyst is a semiprecious stone, and exists as a member of the Quartz family! It may come in a crystal formation as well.

So, the answer is: both!

Healing properties and benefits of Amethyst

For centuries people have used the power of gemstones to heal. So it’s no surprise that still today healing stones such as Amethyst are used in a wide range of products to help us balance our energy.

When it comes to gemstones and crystals, they sometimes tend to have a placebo effect on our mind and health, meaning that when combined with one’s desire to heal, they can make us feel better.

However, whether you believe in the energy of crystals and stones or not, they are made up of different elements and compounds that our bodies react to in different ways. That’s why, we encourage you to bring this stone into your life and see for yourself if it makes you feel better.

Top 3 Healing Benefits of Amethyst:

Relieves stress & anxiety

Some health practitioners today use amethyst to help you reduce anxiety and pain. Using this healing stone combined with mindfulness can allow your body to relax.

Emotional healing & spiritual benefits

This stone is great for gaining emotional balance and reducing anxiety. It has also been known to trigger and open one’s “third eye”or intuition combined with mediation.

Boost the immune system

Amethyst is also known for being a stone that helps cleanse and which is why it can help boost the immune system by relieving stress in different areas of the body.

The Amethyst Biomat harnesses and amplifies the healing powers of Amethyst.

Our daily routines can sometimes bring some stress into our lives, so it’s important to create mindful spaces within your week to pause and slow down. Relaxing at home, trying some mindfulness exercises, exercising and pursuing a healthy diet are all things that can make you reduce your stress levels naturally.

Now if you want to combine the previous activities with the powers of Amethyst, the Amethyst Biomat can be a great help. This product combines the healing benefits of this powerful crystal with an FDA Registered medical device that you can have in the comfort of your own home.

Amethyst is used as a concentrating layer and filter within the Far Infrared Ray heating and healing pad. This layer, combined with Negative Ion technology, combines, and strengthens the benefits of all three technologies for multi-layered healing.

The Biomat can reduce pain and inflammation, soothe joint pain and stiffness, increase hormonal, lymphatic, and endocrine function, and give you more restful nights and increased daily wakefulness.

Disclaimer: This information is not intended to cure, diagnose or treat medical conditions. Please consult with a qualified health practitioner before beginning any new health program.

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