Sound Therapy (Tuning Forks)

Tuning forks use sound and vibration to balance the body's energy. It reduces tension and promotes emotional harmony and works in a similar way to acupuncture. Instead of needles, sound frequencies are used to stimulate points in the body.

Tuning Forks is based on the principle that everything in the Universe is made of vibration. Sound Healing is possible because our human bodies are not solid. Our bodies are rhythmic and harmonic. Dis-ease can indicate we have gone out of tune or vibrational rate of the body has lost its rhythm. Tuning forks can assist the immune system and help stimulate the body to heal itself.

Because our bodies are made up of water and water conducts sound, the body is an awesome resonator for sound. Sound resonates four times faster in water. These vibratory sounds travel through the body to help remove energetic blockages, therefore relieving stasis and pain and increasing the flow of Qi (Chi, Universal Life Energy, Reiki Energy, etc.)

Tuning Forks is a wonderful and effective method of applying sound to the body, including acu-points, trigger and reflex points, bone, muscle and tendons to help tonify energy or disperse energy to help relieve pain and attune the body on a cellular level.

Using different forks affects our biological rhythms, our circadian clock. It allows each of us to synchronize with natural cycles, which then enables us to find our balance and homeostasis. Homeostasis is fundamental

to healing the physical body, mind and spirit.

The Tuning Forks rich in resonance and vibration connect and support the body’s natural frequencies. The sound waves of the forks vibrate and travel deeply into the body along energy pathways affecting the human physiology and accessing our sense of balance, space, memory and healing. The works stimulates and balances the body’s physical energy field to promote healing and inner harmony, helping us to integrate body, mind and spirit to

remember and rejuvenate.

Essentially, our body gets out of tune just like a piano, and the forks help get our body back in tune; bringing our physical body, mind and spirit back to a state of balance and homeostasis.

Benefits of Tuning Forks:

· Tunes natural cycles of the body

· Unites passages, aids digestion

· Natural anti-flammatory

· Increases bone density and promotes healing of strained muscle, tendon and ligaments

· Nervous system balanced

· Great for sound sleep

Tuning Forks therapy facilitates:

· Balance and homeostasis in the body

· Opens energetic pathways, alleviating stasis and relieving pain

· Relaxes muscle tension

· Keeps stress and anxiety balance