The Kruchik Method and Pregnancy

The Kruchik Method of Reflexology for Pregnancy and Birth can take you from day 1 of the pregnancy to the very moment of birth and beyond. In real time helping to create and develop a positive onset of labour, and helping to prevent conditions in the post partum period.

This method aims to ease ailments during pregnancy such as:

· morning sickness

· digestive problems

· heart burn

· anemia

· general aches and pains

· edema

· Backache

· Constipation

· Hemorrhoids

· Symphysis Pubic Disfunction

· Fatigue

Reflexology can help to prepare the body for labour by balancing the body’s systems, especially by balancing the hormones at each trimester.

Post natal benefits, after the baby is born, reflexology can help with the natural healing process of the body and mind as they recover from the stresses and strains of giving birth. It has been shown to help with milk production for breastfeeding moms, and helping the menstrual cycle return to normal.